Why I am Grateful and Joyful

Thanksgiving is a wonderful time to pause and take stock of your blessings.

I find great joy in making jewelry. The first joy comes from fabricating a piece of jewelry where the final design gives me a surprising “wow.” Don’t get me wrong as I like nearly all the jewelry I make but from time to time there comes a few special pieces that really sing. This is pure joy!

The second joy comes from you, my customers and friends! I am so grateful for your orders, your special reviews and the kind words you send my way. But as an artist, there is always the whisper in the back of my mind asking “will anyone like this piece”, “is it good enough”. That is when your words calm these thoughts and I thank you for that!

This is what keeps me going and striving to create the joy in every piece I make. You can’t hope for anything better than that!

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