The Heat is On!

In Minnesota, our summers are fairly short so you need to make the most of them. Walking, biking, summer concerts of the bandshell, outdoor movies at the park and gardening are all joys of the season. Even up here in Minnesota, it gets HOT! Into the 90s and sometimes over 100 degrees is possible. Well the heat is on this week. A whole string of days in the 90s right now.

Well, this summer is a bit different as you can imagine. Solo activities are still okay and I can enjoy biking, walking and of course gardening. You should see my tomatoes this year! But, no concerts or movies this year in crowds with the coronavirus lurking about. I have noticed a lot more people boating in canoes and kayaks at the city lake as a respite to get outdoors. Sounds perfect with this heat!

What are you doing differently this summer? Stay safe.

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