Valentine Sentiment!

“You never lose by loving. You always lose by holding back.” Celebrate Valentines with your friends and family making memories and enjoying the company. Whether its just with your partner or the whole family here are some ideas: have an indoor picnic, take a dance lesson, home movie night, walk at sunset, check out the moon, make a special mix tape, spa day with girlfriends, make dinner together, or repeat your first date!

What those experienced seniors say about life’s found love and lost love. ~Everyday was a happy day! ~Experiences of love are universal and transcend the boundaries of age. ~We would also hold hands having a cup of tea. ~The greatest treasures from my marriage are their son, daughter and grandchildren, describing them as the “biggest present you can ever get”. Aww! Great sentiments to learn from those have lived long lives.

How will you celebrate family and friends love on Valentines Day?

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