How Design Unfolds

Inspiration is wonderful yet unpredictable for me.

Many times I begin fabricating a design and decide it is not what I expected or sometimes turns out not to be very interesting. Sometimes this is very disappointing but most times it opens a path to a new design. I really hate to waste material so I always try to pivot to a new design.

This copper necklace started as a copper cuff with several rings. But as you can see it became a rustic pendant. Many jewelers start by drawing their design and then proceeds to fabricate the piece. This has never been my path. I am not a very good drawer for one. I really don’t like to be constrained by a drawing as inspiration usually takes me somewhere else. I like to lay down the components, move them around and see what looks best.

Be open to the inspiration that comes your way. Do you see it when it comes?

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