When your silver costs double!

When I started making jewelry, the price of silver was around $19 per ounce and continued a downward trend to the $14 range. I felt very lucky and this continued for many years. Well, times change. With the pandemic impact, the price of silver has recently doubled!

The good news is that I have a pretty good amount of inventory that will take me into the fall. I am hoping the price will come down by the time my supplies run out. I do make copper and brass jewelry too and will probably need to shift to these metals to keep me going. I love the combination of copper and silver. Such great contrasts in color and tone. Copper is really soft and is easy to manipulate into the shapes you want. Silver is a lot easier to solder pieces together when making bezels or layers and such.

So many changes and impacts to our lives these days! Hope you are doing okay and staying safe. What has been your biggest change so far?

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