Creativity, art and the difference!

Mixed Metal Rustic Necklace

“Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Art is knowing which ones to keep.” – Scott Adams

Nothing could be truer for the creative nature in people. Think about how creatively free you felt as a kid. If you didn’t like how something turned out, you just started anew! As we grow older, those freedoms are replaced with constraints. I urge you to return to your childhood free and easy ways!

When I see a piece of jewelry in the making is not going to be a keeper, I set it aside. After a few days, I pick it up again and challenge myself to remake the piece into something else. Sometimes this works and I end up with another interesting piece of jewelry. So rewarding!

Besides myself, another good avenue for feedback is from reviews on the pieces I have sold in my shop. Nothing better than hearing how much someone likes your work and that they will be able to enjoy wearing it for a long time. Here are some recent reviews that made my heart sing!

Review: “Pictures just do not do justice to this artist’s jewelry. I am a first time buyer and bought several pieces. The craftsmanship and uniqueness are second to none. Stunning necklace!” (Pictured above)

Review: “These earrings are amazing! I am such a hard person to impress (an often terrible trait to have) and I am blown away with this artist’s jewelry. It’s a fact that I’ll be shopping here again sooner than later!”

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