When One Counts, We All Count!

What a week it has been. An election like no other. Seems like a process in motion and we are all holding our breath. Glad that all legitimate votes are being counted since we all count!

My jewelry focus has generally been toward women styles. I like flowers and stones and curves and pink. But I really like melting metal and pounding on it too! So I am starting to make stud earrings geared toward a broader audience of men, teens and gender neutral tastes. I am having so much fun with each pair. With the melting and pounding process, each one is very different. I am getting the hang of how much metal to melt to achieve a certain size. Also I am learning many things like copper is harder to melt than silver. But copper is softer and easier to hammer.

So as I reflect on the election this week and expand my jewelry style, I am hopeful to be more inclusive and have additional fun!

How are you trying to focus these days?

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