Your Besties!

With Valentine’s Day approaching, we generally think of our wonderful spouse or partners out there. In addition, there are many other special people that come to mind and are very special to our hearts. I would like to point out several besties that are special to me. You probably have similar besties in your life.

I have a group of 3 other women that I came to know early in my career. We were all just starting out and quickly formed a strong bond. But over time as what usually happens, new opportunities come up at other companies, spouses get transferred and other draws. Well, we still kept in touch mainly through Christmas cards each year. We finally decided — after 16 years — that we needed to get together for a reunion. It was great! It seemed like no time had passed and we were chit chatting away all day and well into the night. Our next reunion was 16 years after that and then 3 years after that. We are due for another gathering very soon!

My family offers up other bestie examples of course. I have one sister that was really there for me in my college years picking me up for our Gramps’ funeral, letting me stay over the summer at her house after our folks moved far away and coming to my graduation. I have a sister-in-law that has been a focal point in our family gatherings. She always has a smile and interest in your life. And I have a special Aunt that has more recently come to life. She joined our family gatherings later in life and is such a stitch! The more time we spend together, the more we realize we are practically twins in our interests and thinking despite our age gap. When all others bailed on a birthday celebration, she insisted we continue and party on!

So as Valentine’s Day approaches and even though we are separated due to coronavirus, I remember and celebrate my besties!

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