Celebrating Intl Women’s Day

What a great group of people to celebrate.  I have been thinking all week about the extraordinary women that create art and make wonderful creations.  There is nothing better then the feeling of “oh wow” when you see a great creation.  I think about the appealing design at first glance, how much effort it must take to make it and the sheer joy of experiencing the creation. 

What I have come to realize is the necessity and relief in getting passed the fear of not being good enough to create wonderful art.  What I have learned is the worst that can happen is you make a mistake.  Most mistakes for me turn into a new design in another direction. Sometime even better than I had imagined the first mistake.  So a mistake becomes a learning experience.  What is better than that to squelch your fears. 

I make one of a kind designs because I like the experimentation process.  Exploring what the possibilities are and putting the pieces together.  I rarely draw out designs ahead of time and just let the exploration take over.   Just go with it!

Congratulations to all the wonderful women in the world and their achievements.  Have you seen and felt the “oh wow” feeling from art creations?  I hope so!

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