Learning Something New

I really like to learn new things. Earlier this year, I saw some designs that were very rustic and looked like melted metal. With some investigation, I realized that is exactly what I was seeing. So I looked into the process and learned the materials and tools I would need.

These “splat” earrings take a few steps to make. The first step is the pile up scraps of metal and melt them into a ball. Next pause for a beat or two and then wack the ball with some flat charcoal. Voila, you get a splat. The size of the melted ball, the length of the pause and the force of the wack are all factors in the size of the splat. This is the fun part to figure out how to get your favorite outcomes. The final step is fusing the splat to a backing in one or more layers.

I can’t wait to find the next learning experience. Hope the opportunity to learn something new is in your future.

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