Lighting is Everything

What to do when your reviews say your jewelry is much better in person. Well, you look to your photos. I make one of a kind jewelry so every item needs to be photographed. I take 30 to 50 shots of each piece depending on how large or complex the piece is. That’s a lot of selecting and editing to get to 5-10 go the best views.

To get a great shot, lighting is everything. Living in Minnesota, summer to winter and morning to afternoon makes a huge difference in the natural lighting when taking the shot. What is important is enough light without any direct rays. The more light the better the detail in the photo. Direct light only leave glares that ruin the shot.

To achieve a great shot, I use light paper to filter out direct light. In the winter this is just right. In summer, I may need to add another paper filter to get the right light. In midday, I may need to add a filter on top to avoid a glare.

The angle of the shot is important as well. My favorite shot is shooting at a low angle to the side of the piece. This provides lots of detail and dimension. My least favorite shot is straight on from above. Explore the options to get a feel for the shots that you like the best.

What do you find are your photographing challenges?

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