What a View for Inspiration!

Well, this is the view from my new studio. We moved into a new house that has a room for my entire studio! In my previous house, my solder station was in the art room, my photography area was in the dining room and my bench was in the living room or outside in the summer! I am so excited to have all my “stuff” in one place. I have unpacked my bench and set up everything. So far so good. I do have a step stool in front of the soldering station to make the height just right. I needed a couple of tries on getting the lights just right. Off and running now!

So while working, I have south or west facing windows. Here is the west view of sunset in the winter. What great inspiration! 

What else is great about my new studio? So many things. The natural lighting is so much better to see all the details I am working on. I can shut the door and keep my noise to myself. Hammering the textures and riveting can get pretty loud. I have a couch for my computer activities like answering messages, processing the photos and listing the items in my shop. I have a TV to watch but I mostly listen to audio books while making jewelry. 

Wishing you some wonderful space to do your thing! I am grateful to have my new studio so close at hand.

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